A moment where a heartbeat becomes a sound heard out and loud.

A moment where the body refuses to calm down. And only the mind makes it worse.

A moment where the whole world becomes silenced. And no word a mouth can speak, but only the body and eyes can show.

A moment where between you and death is a length of a single hair.

A moment when the whole body becomes numb. No feeling, nothing but ache.

A moment where air becomes inexistent, while the mouth and nose strive for it.

A moment where you wait for it to happen.

A moment with a length of a second.

A moment where panic.. attacks.




Emptiness inside out

No sound. No light. Just the wind.

Looking around. Nothing. Nothing but an infinite hole

An infinite black hole.

A sound of screaming. Exits but not heard.

All the memories are vanished. Somewhere unknown

But all that there is. Is an empty body.

With no soul.

Walking around like a zombie, but with no facial details.

Just a blurred face.

Questions and questions. None to be answered

And some unwanted to be answered.



Emptiness anywhere. Everywhere. At all time.


Just. emptiness.

Cash Me Ousside…

​The new hashtag trend #CashMeOusside #HowBowDat  is something to be ashamed of.. for those who just go with the flow and didn’t actually see the Dr.Phil’s episode please do because it WILL change your opinion on the new TREND.. and for those who do, i can’t explain how disgusted i am seeing people support such an irrespectful attitude towards a mother.. seriously does that make you laugh seeing a 13 year old girl cossing, challenging and fighting her mother that way? You guys seriously make me feel SICK.. 



Un-named poem…

A picture in a frame

Old, yellow, faded

Sitting next to a beautiful vase

Yet all the flowers in it are dead.

An old house they say

That its owners are not here today

Only their souls that fill the place

And nothing we can do for them but to pray

Oh sweet souls may your souls rest in peace 

Up in the great heavens as we speak..

What if..

What if nothing worked as planned? 

What if nobody stayed by your side as you imagined?

What if you didn’t become who you imagined you would one day be?

What if and what if.. Does that mean it’s the end of the world? No it is not.