I’ve learned that there’s nothing called disappointment. Yes we all have expectations and hopes about certain things that we want to work out the way we’ve imagined it to. But doesn’t everything happen for a reason?

This is what I’ve learned; we are the ones that let disappointment exist in the first place. Although it may not be on purpose when we have expectations, everything will work out the way it’s meant to. And nothing, literally NOTHING works out for a bad reason. Everything has its reason for occurring in certain situations in your life and you just need to have some faith in those unknown reasons.

I personally have faced lots of dead ends ever since the beginning of this year. Everything doesn’t work as i wished and nothing goes right. And since I’m a type of person who always plans for everything that i want to happen in my life and always have tons of expectations, it is very frustrating for me to see everything going wrong not only once or twice but constantly. But when I started to look at what’s happening to me from another perspective, I found that certain things aren’t meant to happen whether now or ever because there’s something much better planed and is on its way. I kept thanking GOD on whatever happens to me whether good or bad, because I definitely don’t know what GOD has planed for me. And another thing that I’ve learned is not to stress on things too much. When I constantly keep thinking about every step that I take or face during my day, it doesn’t allow me to let things work out the way they are meant to. I keep letting bad energy mess up my life when I see things don’t work out.

However, when I started loosing my focus on things and relaxed instead of stressing out, I saw everything working on just fine. Literally everything was getting done by itself, maybe not in the same way I’ve planed them to but at least they’re getting done.

“When things don’t work out, you can’t force them to. You just need to close your eyes and let them be.”


To approve the unapproved…

A lot of thoughts go back and forth in our minds that we don’t approve of even thinking about them, because we don’t want to believe that there will come a day where they will happen. It may be death of someone close to us, failure to our success, a loss of something precious to us and many other things.

So what does it mean to ”approve the unapproved”? It means to think about everything and to think about what if there will come a day and we lose them. We should welcome the thoughts that may be hurtful to us and to try to make peace with them. We should try to always have a plan B, if for example the thought is about failure. And most importantly, we should never let the end of something define the end of our journey. Let the end of it become the beginning of a new chapter in our lives.

It may seem hard to try to adjust to some hurtful thoughts that we might come across, but we have and should do so because LIFE GOES ON AND NOTHING REMAINS THE SAME FOREVER.



Nowadays everything is becoming political, literally everything even the religions. Politicians use everything that surrounds them to persuade the population into believing their opinion. The’re doing a propaganda by using fear to make people stand on their side.

The word ‘Islam’ or ‘Muslim’ are used nowadays more than they had ever been used. People or media use them by saying “… ISIS kill people in the name of Islam..” ”… a Muslim killed a passenger yesterday..”,etc. All these types of examples are being repeated each single day. But did anyone actually thought about reading Quraan to see what Islam is really about?                                                                                                                                      Many years ago there were a group of people or a community that was called ”kkk”. They were protestants, which is a type of Christianity. They used to kill all those who weren’t white, they were anti-communism, anti-Catholicism, homophobic, Christian terrorists and lots of other things. But since they were present in the late 1800, we didn’t hear about them much because by then there weren’t things like media. But if we look at them now, we wouldn’t generalize them to be ”Christians” and we wouldn’t say that they represent ”Christianity”.                                                                                                                                        The same goes to ISIS. Yes they are called ” Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham” but they DO NOT represent Islam. Not because some people do wrong things means that the rest of people whom have the same religion HAVE to be the same. When a person who is Christian, Jew or any kind of religion does a crime, it doesn’t mean that the religion itself is wrong. In the Quraan, lots and lots of things are prohibited but ISIS still does them. So if they do something, that doesn’t mean that ”Islam” is telling people to do so. Because ”Islam” means Peace. And the content of the Quraan has every aspect of life, how to live it, how to live among each others, respect everyone ”even those who have different religions”, etc.

During Hitler’s rule, Jews used to wear badges. And nowadays Donald Trump wants Muslims in America to wear badges too. He’s trying to scare people from Muslims and tell them that ” I will protect you from terrorism”. He’s creating a war between the WORLD and Islam, not just between America and Islam.

A few days ago i watched a video, it was talking about Donald Trump and Islam in a sarcastic way. And in the end of the video the man said ”Oh My GOD, Trump is WHITE ISIS !”. Yes i know he’s making fun of Trump, but the man has a point. ISIS is creating a war, it makes people hate Islam and become scared of anyone that has a relation with it, because they now think that Islam promotes terrorism. But for the millionth time ISLAM DOES NOT PROMOTE TERRORISM, because it PROHIBITS it. And now Donald Trump is doing the same as previously mentioned.

All the religions should never be represented by their people, however; they should be represented by their content. People should stop becoming more and more ignorant. People should read and discover more, rather than to sit around and let media brainwash their brains and implant in them ideas and information that the media wants us to believe.

Stop ignorance to know how to fight the real enemy!



Many believe in fate and many don’t. But here’s something to think about and consider. Didn’t you ask yourself why do things work the way they do? Why don’t they work in a different way? Why  THIS specific time and THIS specific place?

Here’s the answer. We are all made for a reason. Our lives didn’t JUST happen, they do have a reason. Each one of us is put in his or her specific place and specific way of living for a purpose. It’s up to us to go and figure out why we are here and why we are still alive.

Some bad things happen to us and we question :WHY? WHY me?                                              We never look at what’s happening to us from a different perspective. If we looked from a very distanced space, we could actually see what’s happening. Good things usually come after bad things. Maybe immediately and maybe after a while. We just have to hold on, be strong, carry on and hope that later on today or tomorrow or even a year from now that things would get better. We should have faith that fate is going to bring us something beautiful at the end of the road. We should have faith in order to have positive energy in us, that can help making bad things more easier to deal with.

So think and explore what’s your purpose in life, even the very weak ones have a purpose in life, whether to inspire or to encourage. They all do, and we all do too.

Time flies…

Our lives are like a ticking-bomb. It keeps on ticking and ticking but at on point without any signs, it blows up. Each stage in our lives has a ticking bomb, where it flips our lives upside down when it blows up. And when there’s a blowing, there’s realization. You start to realize that this stage or part of your life doesn’t exist anymore. You become more mature. You become a new human-being that has the ability to hold more problems and life issues. You start to have more room for adulthood rather than staying young as you thought you will never change.

It’s not the years that allows us to grow, rather it’s the unique moments that passes by us. And by unique it doesn’t only mean beautiful, it can also mean unique in the way it’s painful or anything else. It’s such a disappointment how you wish and plan for lots of things to happen, yet sometimes there isn’t enough time to do them. Life hits you like cancer, ambiguous and sign-less. You never know what time is holding for you, each second may have the ability to change everything. A year or even a month ago, you never knew that all this could happen. And still days, months and years from now, you can never foreshadow what’s about to happen.

Biggest and toughest regrets.

The biggest and toughest regrets one can make are the ones that are always taken by the heart rather than by the mind. Some choices a person can choose to take are sometimes the ones that are long-termed to be regretted. You can try all you want to forget or get over some regrets and you actually get to make peace with them. But still some others are forever hard to get passed. And sadly some of them can hunt you down as long as you live. Therefore the most important thing one can do is to think and re-think before making any decisions that they could regret later on and to specifically think them with the mind before the heart.

She used to be mine.

There’s a song that’s called ”She used to be mine” by Sara Bareilles that features the following lines :

She’s imperfect but she tries
She is good but she lies.
She is hard on herself.
She is broken but won’t ask for help.
She is messy but she’s kind.
She is lonely most of the time.
She is all of this mixed up
And baked in a beautiful pie.
She is gone but she used to be mine.

This song is describing each one of us nowadays. If we look at ourselves few years back we will see someone who doesn’t look like what we look like today. We’ve all changed, some to the better and some to the worse. But here’s the thing, each day or two something is going to happen to you that will affect you, either it will break a part of your heart or it will give you more strength. And that’s why you can never label someone because you will never know the whole story behind their backgrounds. The girl you’re calling slut maybe she was one day one of the most innocent girls you could ever see, but she’s been through a lot that changed her completely. The bully you see now maybe he went through tough times that made his heart cold as ice and hard as a rock. And i bet you, that few years back you looked at someone with a degrading look because their doing something you thought you would never do and now you’re actually doing it. So keep in mind that whatever you’re going to say or even think about someone, someday someone will look at you and say or think the same.

We are all imperfect but we still get up each morning and try and we all are good but sometimes we have to lie. We are everything that’s written in the part of the song that’s above. But that doesn’t mean that that’s about it. No it’s not. Embrace who you are and all your flaws and never ever give up on who you truly are because NOTHING is worth losing your true identity. And most importantly, never judge someone because of who they are or what they do.